Fall 2007 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Cultivating an Artistic University Internet Collective

Time 10/09/07 04:30PM-05:30PM

Session Abstract

Within fine arts higher education, the growing use of the Internet is fueling the creation of new ensembles and imaginative modes of presentation and performance. Over time, common issues pertaining to applications, techniques, resources and personnel have emerged. An increasing number of delivery, presentation and audio/visual applications require groups to determine which ones best fit the needs at hand. Techniques that have been developed over time to deal with classic issues related to latency, audio, lighting, and staging are enabling artists to tailor productions in accordance with aesthetic considerations. Coordination of participants and resources, both locally and remotely is critical to the success of a given production. This presentation will address these and other issues from the perspective of a working team that has engaged a broad swath of Internet-related performance activities.

A comparison and contrast of the major Internet delivery modes including DVTS, Grid, H.323 and commodity will be discussed with recommendations on usage for each. Selected software applications will be assessed in the context of artistic and aesthetic considerations. Videos of recent examples will be drawn from educational master classes, clinics, dramatic plays, musical improvisation, as well as through composed, high-precision musical performances whose players span global distances.


Speaker Scott Deal Indiana University School of Music, IUPUI

Speaker In Affiliation With Arctic Region Supercomputing Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Cultivating an Artistic University Internet Collective (pdf)

Speaker Scott Deal Indiana University School of Music, IUPUI

Secondary tracks Teaching and Learning, K20

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