Fall 2007 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Topics in Realtime Communications: ENUM, Presence and Integrated Communications

Time 10/11/07 08:45AM-10:00AM

Session Abstract

Presence and Integrated Communications:

The Internet2 PIC working group is planning a project to deploy presence federation and interoperable IM and voice on Internet2 campuses. This session will describe the project, called PIC.edu, and review the results of a related survey.


Today most IP destinations for voice, data, and multimedia traffic are "known" only to a single provider, creating VoIP islands. Service Providers are forced use the PSTN as a bridge between these islands for two primary reasons: (1) the immaturity of key protocols that support IP applications, and (2) the lack of a structured approach to managing and sharing information about users.

In the future, all networks will interoperate using IP end-to-end to deliver on the promise of better cost and richer features, including those presently in development as a part of the next-generation communications architecture called IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). As part of this movement, the protocols and user data sharing mechanisms will be as stable and robust as in the PSTN.

Taking one step along the path towards independence from the PSTN, some Service Providers have deployed ENUM databases, also called Registries, to help IP-based Service Providers route calls to their destination without the unnecessary and costly detour through the PSTN. This track session will discuss the role ENUM registries will play in accelerating the movement toward a homogeneous IP multimedia network, reducing overall telephony costs, and setting the foundation for advanced applications.


Speaker Dikran Kassabian University of Pennsylvania

Speaker Cyril Matthews VoEX

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail PIC.edu Survey Review (ppt)

Speaker Dikran Kassabian University of Pennsylvania

Secondary tracks Advancing Applications: What's Working? What's Not? What's Needed?

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