Fall 2007 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Dynamic Circuit Network (DCN) Update

Time 10/11/07 08:45AM-10:00AM

This livestream has concluded. The archive video will be posted here. Archives can take up to two weeks to be posted.

Session Abstract

This session will provide an update on the Dynamic Circuit Network (DCN) and
the HOPI network. The DCN Ciena infrastructure deployment is complete and the associated "service" allows users to request the dynamic provision of dedicated network paths between any DCN connected sites.

The available circuit end points will soon also include those on ESnet
Science Data Network (SDN). ESnet SDN is a providing a similar service and
"peers" with Internet2 DCN for the purpose of seamless setup of interdomain
dedicated network paths.

This session will include a i) status of the DCN deployment and service,
ii)an introduction to what a user needs to do to utilize this service(including an associated demonstration), iii) a status of the corresponding ESnet SDN deployment and service, and iv) a discussion of the plans for expanding the global "reach" of these types of services and the related plans for a SC2007 demonstration.


Speaker Tom Lehman University of Southern California

Speaker John Vollbrecht Internet2

Speaker Chin Guok Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)

Speaker Rick Summerhill Internet2

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail OSCARS Overview (ppt)

Speaker Chin Guok Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)

Secondary tracks Network Planning and Engineering

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