Fall 2007 Internet2 Member Meeting

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R & E Network Models: Current and Future

Time 10/10/07 08:45AM-10:00AM

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Session Abstract

Regional and state networks play a critical role in the future of the national advanced research and education network infrastructure. Increasingly, R&E networks in the United States provide not just critical networking services, but their offerings and services require complex business and operations models. This session will provide insights into some of the models that R&E networks have in place, along with exemplary case studies, and a dynamic discussion on challenges and opportunities.

Presentation 1:

Title: R & E Network Business Models: A Summary of The Case Studies

Speakers: Carol Farnham -- MIDnet, Inc, Jen Leasure -- The Quilt

In the spring of 2007, The Quilt and MIDnet, Inc, began a collaborative project to document the business models of research and education optical networks. Specifically, the two organizations were interested in collecting information on organizational structure, governance, management and operations, initial funding sources, cost recovery methodologies, services and service pricing strategies, outreach, lessons learned and future directions. A summary of the findings will be presented

Presentation 2:

Title: Converging Network Architecture, Governace and Operational Models

Speakers: Paul Schopis -- OSCNet

In recent times, State Governments are eyeing the resources developed by the higher education community. For example, The Governor of Ohio has issued and executive order requiring all state agencies to use the OSCnet backbone. This presentation examines new network governance required to meet these demands, by fulfilling both the needs and requirements for the R&E community, as well as production network requirements for state agencies. This presentation will examine the strategy for mutual cooperation while protecting all party's interests.

Presentation 3:

Title: Extending the Facilities-based Network to the Last Mile: Collaboration, Community-building, and Creative Re-structuring

Presenter: Jim Moran -- Merit Network

Merit Network, the research and education network in Michigan, operates a statewide backbone IP network that is increasingly built on Merit-owned dark fiber rather than leased circuits. This is an important evolution, providing improved cost control and the ability to upgrade bandwidth as needed. Merit is now working to extend this facilities-based model beyond the backbone to include last-mile connections. The goal is to replace leased circuits with owned fiber linking a Member site to the nearest Merit backbone interconnection point. Just as in the backbone, directly connecting organizations via fiber combines improved cost control with the ability to readily increase bandwidth as needed, allowing an ideal environment for advanced applications. This presentation will discuss Merit's strategy and findings in this area, including engineering considerations; lessons learned about the process of acquiring and building fiber; opportunities for organizations within a geographic community to aggregate demand and collaborate on network builds; and financial approaches to sharing expenses and amortizing construction costs. This is an approach with broad application for organizations using lease lines in their WANS as well as in their connections to state/regional networks/Gigapops.


Speaker Carol Farnham MIDnet, Inc.

Speaker Jen Leasure The Quilt

Speaker Paul Schopis OARnet

Speaker Jim Moran Merit Network, Inc.

Moderator Ana Hunsinger Internet2

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Secondary tracks Network Planning and Engineering

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