Summer 2007 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs Workshop

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Lightning Talks

Time 07/18/07 11:20AM-11:50AM

This livestream has concluded. The archive video will be posted here. Archives can take up to two weeks to be posted.

Session Abstract

A Lightning Talk is a very short (no more than 5 minutes) talk on a topic of your choice -- anything interesting or timely, or even a bit off the wall. Submissions will be solicited during the workshop. Please send proposals for Lightning Talks to

Slides are optional. All slides must be pre-loaded on the podium laptop -- you will not be permitted to use your own laptop, as there just won't be time for swapping. Slides must be received by 9:30 AM on Wednesday.

Remember, the 300-second limit will be strictly enforced! Some tips on how to do a successful Lightning Talk are at

1."Importance of the unified XML schema and messaging model for dynamic circuit reservation and QOS projects" - Maxim Grigoriev, FNAL

2. "v6 Workshops" - Dale M Finkelson Unv, N-Lincoln

3. "Managing your Network using LinkedIn" - David Farmer, Unv MInn

4. "Phone Message-Based Control And Blogging: An Implementation" - Alan Whinery, Unv. Hawaii

5. "Reducing RTT with novel transmission" - Matt Crawford, FNAL


Speaker Alan Whinery University of Hawaii

Speaker Dale Finkelson Internet2

Speaker David Farmer University of Minnesota

Speaker Maxim Grigoriev Fermi National Accelerator Lab

Speaker Matt Crawford Fermi National Accelerator Lab

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Reducing RTT with novel transmission (ppt)

Speaker Matt Crawford Fermi National Accelerator Lab