Winter 2007 Joint Techs

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Lightning Talks

Time 02/14/07 11:15AM-11:55AM

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Session Abstract

David Farmer

It's 2:00 am, March 11th, 2007. Does your network know what time it is?

A reminder of changes to Daylight Saving Time by the Energy Policy Act of

Michael Sinatra

Why we should eighty-six five nines

Network and computer vendors have latched onto the idea of "five-nines" (99.999%
uptime) for several years now. Although the five-nines fixation benefits vendors because it
usually requires redundant equipment, planning for five-nines requires overkill,
over-engineering, and considerable expense. Moreover, trying to engineer five-nines into a
system can be counter-productive, as the increasing complexity in networks and services
makes troubleshooting and ETR more difficult when catastrophic problems do actually occur.
I note the complexity factor and related degrees-of-freedom issue, as well as general
issues of redundancy (and the counter-arguments to redundancy), and also point out the
negative security implications of the five-nines fixation. I argue that the five-nines
fixation runs contrary to a more careful consideration of network usage patterns and uptime
requirements and should be discarded.

Glen Turner

Interesting observations from last week's 5th International
Workshop for Fast Long-Distance Networks

This annual workshop ( was established to discuss the issues
surrounding the use of fat pipe networks. It has become
the major workshop where new TCP algorithms and
implementations are discussed.


All slides must be pre-loaded on the podium laptop -- you will not be permitted to use your own laptop, as there just won't be time for swapping. Slides must be received by 9:30 AM Wednesday.

Remember, the 300-second limit will be strictly enforced! (The SuperSoaker was nixed, but there was the suggestion of nice wet snowballs.) Some tips on how to do a successful Lightning Talk are at


Speaker Michael Sinatra University of California, Berkeley

Speaker Glen Turner AARNet

Speaker David Farmer University of Minnesota

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Speaker Michael Sinatra University of California, Berkeley