Winter 2007 Joint Techs

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InfiniBand Campus Area Networking - Vendor Soup

Time 02/13/07 01:20PM-01:50PM

Session Abstract

InfiniBand, the open-standard cluster interconnect, is rapidly emerging as the de facto standard for high-performance compute and storage applications -- however, it is generally limited to intra-building applications. Obsidian Research has brought to market the Longbow XR and Longbow Campus, which transparently extend the attractive performance and scalability attributes of InfiniBand over Wide and Campus Area Networks respectively. This talk focuses on the Campus Area Network device, which extends InfiniBand's signaling range to 10km over single mode fiber. This capability unlocks several important application domains:

* Pure InfiniBand Storage Area Networking

* Native InfiniBand remote visualization

* Cluster aggregation ("cluster clustering")

Longbow Campus is introduced and deployments in each of the above three application spaces are described in detail, with quantified performance metrics.


Speaker David Southwell Obsidian Research