Winter 2007 Joint Techs

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Using Lambdas Without Bypass

Time 02/13/07 10:45AM-11:10AM

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Session Abstract

Duke University is in the midst of a major upgrade to our campus core data network. A key driver of this transformation is a desire to remain relevant for all uses of the network, including research needs. This upgrade includes the deployment of VRF technology to enable logical networking functionality on campus. Beyond the campus benefits, we believe that this provides the infrastructure to enable effective use of lambdas (or more generally, wide area high capacity circuits.) As a consequence of upgrading our network to accommodate emerging needs, we believe that the policy and technical concerns around these types of connections can be ameliorated. The presentation will provide a brief background on the network upgrades we're undertaking, discuss the relationship of lambda/circuit bypass with the virtual/logical network technology, and provide examples of how we will meet the research networking needs.


Speaker Kevin Miller Duke University

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