Spring 2006 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Daniel Atkins

ORG National Science Foundation, OCI Title Director Designate, Office of Cyberinfrastructure (NSF) <br>Professor of Information, EE, and Comput BIO Dr. Atkins is Professor in the School of Information, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan. He is now beginning a rotation as the first director of the new National Science Foundation Office of Cyberinfrastructure. He was chair of the NSF Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel that authored the landmark 2003 report Revolutionizing Science and Engineering through Cyberinfrastructure (see http://www.nsf.gov/od/oci/reports/toc.jsp). Atkins began his research career in the area of computer architecture and did pioneering work in high-speed computer arithmetic and parallel computer architecture. He has served as associate and interim dean of the College of Engineering and more recently as the founding dean of the School of Information at the University of Michigan ( http://www.si.umich.edu). Dr. Atkins does research and teaching in the socio-technical architecture of distributed knowledge communities. He has directed several large experimental digital library projects as well as projects to explore the design and application of "collaboratories" to scientific research. He is co-author of a recent book entitled Higher Education in the Digital Age: Technology Issues and Strategies for American Colleges and Universities. He serves as an international consultant to industry, foundations, educational institutions, and government. A more complete bio is available at http://www.si.umich.edu/people/faculty-detail.htm?sid=2.