Spring 2006 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Voice/Video Everywhere - Live from NAB

Time 04/25/06 04:30PM-05:30PM

Session Abstract

The poster-child for successful new standards that make communication more widely available, H.264/AVC is the first truly scalable video codec, delivering excellent quality across the entire bandwidth spectrum - from high definition television to videoconferencing and 3G mobile multimedia. The dramatically increased compression performance of H.264 will enable existing applications like videoconferencing, streaming video over the Internet, and digital television on satellite and cable to offer better quality video at lower cost. It will also allow new video applications such as High-Definition TV on DVD, video on mobile phones, and videoconferencing over low bandwidth connections that were previously impractical because of economics or technology. Come see how H.264/AVC is being implemented to greatest effect by key corporate members and what the implications are for broad interoperability and universal adoption.


Speaker Steve Kapinos TANDBERG

Speaker Francois Gariepy HaiVision Systems, Inc.

Speaker Dave Singer Apple

Speaker Christina Torrijos-Sanchez Philips

Moderator Jonathan Tyman Internet2

Speaker Michel&eacute Damerau Polycom Worldwide

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