Spring 2006 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Production Techniques for Effective High Definition TV Video Conferences

Time 04/25/06 04:30PM-05:30PM

Session Abstract

With High Definition TV video conferencing over IP becoming a reality there are some easy steps to ensure that the HD videoconferencing experience is enjoyable for all participants. HD videoconferencing has the potential of being the ?life like? virtual meeting that videoconferencing has always promised but has never delivered. Because of the low quality and high latency of earlier types of video conferencing many people have made poor production choices that actually interfere with a smooth and effective video conference. There are several areas where simple improvements can provide big dividends for a successful HD Video Conference. Using an HD camera, monitor and basic production tools, Tim Lorang from ResearchChannel and Andrew Howard from AARNet will demonstrate how camera placement, lighting, audio and organization can ruin or improve the HD Videoconference. Audience members will walk away with tips and information they can use that will improve their next video conference. High Definition does not make a bad video conference good; it just makes a bad video conference bigger while using more bandwidth. Take the easy steps to ensure your HD Video conference delivers all that it is capable.


Speaker Tim Lorang ResearchChannel

Speaker Andrew Howard The Australian National University

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Lights, Camera, Action (pdf)

Speaker Andrew Howard The Australian National University

Secondary tracks Teaching and Learning, K20

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