Spring 2006 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Role of Ethernet in Optical Networks

Time 04/25/06 01:15PM-02:30PM

Session Abstract

This session will explore recent innovations in the Ethernet space that equip it to assume a larger role in the network. Specifically the advent of hierarchy and the addition of connection management in the form of provider backbone bridging (PBB) and provider backbone transport (PBT) respectively. When these innovations are combined with the work already in progress to improve the fitness of Ethernet for high demand Enterprises, a new infrastructure option emerges. One that is based on commodity technology and suggests increased unification of the technology food chain between the LAN, the MAN and the WAN.

This talk will discuss some of the capabilities added and implications to be considered, places the "new Ethernet" in context with respect to MPLS, and suggest a convergence roadmap that picks best in breed across the spectrum of infrastructure choices.

Many R&E Networks are currently planning or beginning optical network infrastructures. This session will provide three presentations on the technology and techniques in the implementation of optical networks. It will also address some of operational issues in running optical networks.


Speaker David Allan Nortel Networks

Speaker Joseph Berthold Ciena

Speaker Force 10 Representative   Force 10 Networks

Moderator Paul Schopis OARnet

Speaker Drew Perkins Infinera Corporation

Speaker Denis Gallant Meriton Networks

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks Network Planning and Engineering

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