Fall 2006 Internet2 Member Meeting

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NetDB - An Open Source Network Management App for DNS, DHCP, reporting, etc.

Time 12/07/06 08:45AM-10:00AM

Session Abstract

Stanford University's NetDB application allows distributed management of DNS, DHCP and host registration of over 80,000 host records and 300+ networks. Over 900 staff (local network administrators, central desktop support, server administrators) can manage their own set of hosts, including DNS names/aliases/mx, DHCP (static, dynamic, options), make/model, location, and administrators. The Oracle database can be accessed by web, CLI or Java middleware interfaces. Networking staff use NetDB as an address space management tool. Address spaces can be allocated to particular groups ('English', 'Chemistry') and associated to each other (public and private addresses off a router interface). Reports such as mac-address-to-IP mapping, IP address usage, wireless coverage and site license counts are generated from NetDB and other databases through a variety of scripts. Because NetDB associates NetDB users with address spaces through groups, it is also used to publish group-centric reports including network traffic, IP address utilization, etc. In the future, network security projects will also leverage NetDB's distributed management architecture.


Speaker Rob Riepel Stanford University

Speaker Sunia Yang Stanford University

Secondary tracks Network Planning and Engineering

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