Fall 2006 Internet2 Member Meeting

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MACE and Internet2 Middleware: How We Work and Where We Are Going

Time 12/05/06 08:45AM-10:00AM

Session Abstract

Since 1999 The Internet2 Middleware Initiative, led by MACE, has been working collaboratively to research, develop, deploy, and evangelize identity and access management methods to meet the needs of Higher Education and research and our partners. In this session we will describe how MACE operates, and how it guides the activities of the Initiative. Then, we will present plans for key future work. Along the way, commentary will be provided by significant industry and academic colleagues on the significance of the work of the Initiative.


Speaker RL Bob Morgan University of Washington

Speaker Kim Cameron Microsoft Research

Speaker Eve Maler Sun Microsystems

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail MACE: The Untold Story (ppt)

Speaker RL Bob Morgan University of Washington

Secondary tracks Middleware Middleware

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