Fall 2006 Internet2 Member Meeting

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End-to-End Network Performance Update/Phoebus Update

Time 12/05/06 04:30PM-05:30PM

Session Abstract

This session provides two updates: the first talk is an update on performance and measurement activities in the Internet2 community. This talk will include details of the perfSONAR project (which released it's first version in July 2006), VFER, Internet2 performance tools being used on the new Internet2 network (NDT, BWCTL, OWAMP, and Thrulay), and various performance-related working group activities. A brief overview of the Internet2 Network Performance Workshops that have been held over the past 2 years, one of which is scheduled for December 7-8 in Chicago, will include information on how these workshops will lead into perfSONAR deployment efforts in 2007. An update on the Google Summer-of-Code intern projects mentored by Internet2 will be given. The second talk is an update on Phoebus. Phoebus is an environment for high-performance optical networks that allows for various adaptation points in the network. By using an end-to-end Session protocol, adaptation transport and signaling adaptation points can be controlled and better performance is possible. In addition, the Phoebus adaptation library allows existing applications to take advantage of advanced networks with little or no modification.


Speaker Eric Boyd Internet2

Speaker Martin Swany University of Delaware

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks Network Planning and Engineering What's Next for the Net Network Planning and Engineering System and Network Security for Advanced Networks

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