Fall 2006 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Protecting Your Campus: A LSU Case Study

Time 12/06/06 04:30PM-05:30PM

Session Abstract

One of the challenges facing institutions today is IT security. LSU is making great strides in addressing this challenge by developing a strategy to tighten the security of the network and infrastructure. Key points of this strategy include focusing on policies, processes, and monitoring; developing a standardized incident response mechanism for analyzing and responding to security incidents; expediting the dissemination of security-related information; eliminating the SSN as the primary identifier used in information systems; and determining conditions for disclosures of actual or possible breaches of personal information. The University is also in the process of building a world-class network operations center to serve LSU, LONI, and potentially regional and national networks. More recently, Equifax


Speaker Brian Nichols Louisiana State University

Speaker Terry Doub Louisiana State University

Speaker Azim Ashraf Louisiana State University

Secondary tracks System and Network Security for Advanced Networks Advancing Applications: What's Working? What's Not? What's Needed? Network Planning and Engineering

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