Summer 2006 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs Workshop

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Shared Service Delivery in the Windy City

Time 07/17/06 04:30PM-04:50PM

Session Abstract

Consortiums of educational institutions across
the world are developing a new, more scalable and robust worldwide
networking infrastructure to facilitate increasingly international
collaborations for research, education and administrative
purposes. CIC (primarily Big10) member institutions are
collaborating on networking projects in the Windy City (Chicago) to
jointly and cost-effectively connect any and all participating
institutions to evolving national and international
infrastructure. This presentation will identify and describe two
specific projects we've collectively undertaken over the last two
years (Chicago fiber ring purchase and Chicago Shared Services)
to enhance our individual and collective capabilities to
interconnect with each other and the current and emerging national
and international telecommunications cyberinfrastructure.


Speaker Patrick Christian University of Wisconsin

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