Summer 2006 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs Workshop

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The Grid Laboratory of Wisconsin

Time 07/18/06 10:50AM-11:10AM

Session Abstract

The Grid Laboratory Of Wisconsin (GLOW) is an NSF-funded, distributed facility at the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. It consists of more than 1400 CPUs and 100 TB of storage that are located at six different sites and serve a broad range of disciplines ranging from Biotechnology and Computer Sciences to Medical Physics and Economics. Each of the GLOW sites is configured as an autonomous locally managed Condor pool that can operate independently when disconnected from the other sites. Under normal conditions, the six pools act like a single Condor system that is coordinated via a highly-available campus-wide matchmaking service. On-campus and off-campus users interact with GLOW through job-managers located on their desktop computers.


Speaker Dan Bradley University of Wisconsin

Presentation Media

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Speaker Dan Bradley University of Wisconsin