Summer 2006 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs Workshop

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A Digital Optical Network Architecture - Vendor Soup

Time 07/17/06 01:15PM-01:45PM

Session Abstract

By combining the capacity, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of WDM with reconfigurable digital switching and GMPLS service intelligence, a Digital Optical Network provides an enabling service platform for truly agile next-generation transport networks. This architecture is uniquely enabled by the development of innovative new optical components technology, large-scale photonic integrated circuits (PIC), which enables affordable optical-electrical-optical conversion to be implemented in WDM networks. This allows optical networks to make maximum use of digital electronics and software to implement feature-rich service delivery functions, while retaining the capacity, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of WDM. The combination of switched WDM and GMPLS service intelligence in a Digital Optical Network also provides a new end-to-end service automation and signaling for capability for high-bandwidth optical circuits and DWDM networks, enabling point-and-click end-to-end automated service activation, automated network topology discovery, and end-to-end service restoration.


Speaker Rick Hafey Infinera Corporation

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