Winter 2006 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs Workshop

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High Speed IPv6 IDS/IPS Processor

Time 02/08/06 09:40AM-10:05AM

Session Abstract

Research and education networks are some of the fastest in the world and there are no conventional firewalls, IDS, or IPS that can operate at these speeds. The computing power of the microprocessor or network processor is simply insufficient to address security problems at 10 Gbps. Fortunately, a computational architecture called Multiple Instruction Single Data (MISD) based on massive, fine-grain parallelism is ideally suited for deep packet inspection and can keep up with the fastest networks today. In this session, we will describe what this technology looks like, how it captures and blocks malicious packets at wire-speed, and how it works with existing open source security software. Finally, we will show some performance benchmarks and real-life examples to illustrate that this technology is ready and available today.


Speaker Livio Ricciulli Force10 Networks, Inc.

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