Winter 2006 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs Workshop

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Circuit & Lightpath Measurement Solutions Panel

Time 02/07/06 08:00AM-09:30AM

Session Abstract

Nagi Rao:

DOE UltraScience Net provides on-demand and advance-scheduled layer-2 connections with a capacity of 10Gbps at OC1 resolution. Its footprint spans Oak Ridge, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle and Sunnyvale with dual OC192 connections. The connections in the core are monitored using Node Manager software of Ciena CDCIs, and edge Force10 E300 switches are monitored using Cacti based on ICMP. We present the concept of throughput profiles which is constructed using end-to-end UDP measurements. Such profiles enable us to identify throughput bottlenecks and stability of transport dynamics as seen by the applications. Such profiles are a departure from the usual network-level measurements but are vital to application-level performance. We show that these profiles enable us to custom design protocols to optimize channel utilization and to achieve stable transport dynamics at specified throughput level over dedicated channels. Such measurements can be used in optimizing the application performance over the dedicated channels, and more efforts in such direction are needed in enabling applications to make best use of the dedicated channel capabilities of upcoming networks.


Speaker Nagesware Rao Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Speaker Chris Costa CENIC

Speaker Matt Zekauskas Internet2

Speaker Michael Enrico DANTE

Speaker Maarten Buchli DANTE

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Measuring (pdf)

Speaker Matt Zekauskas Internet2