Spring 2005 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Metadirectories & Resource Provisioning BoF

Time 05/02/05 10:30AM-11:45AM

Session Abstract

The functions of reflecting and joining information from source systems, adding credentials, and provisioning application security infrastructure using the resultant information are central to the operation of an Identity and Access Management System (IdMS) that automates life-cycle management of digital resources provided to people as they join or leave an organization or undergo changes in affiliation or status. A sampling of real-world scenarios which serve to highlight key requirements, challenges, and operational concerns related to metadirectory and provisioning systems will be presented. Open source tools being developed to provide these core IdMS functions will be featured.


Speaker Brendan Bellina University of Southern California

Speaker Roland Hedberg Umea University, Sweden

Speaker Walter Hoehn University of Memphis

Speaker Keith Hazelton University of Wisconsin-Madison

Speaker Tom Barton University of Chicago

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Metadirectory tool UDS/MD (pdf)

Speaker Roland Hedberg Umea University, Sweden

Speaker Ken Klingenstein Internet2/University of Colorado

media item thumbnail Nexus Provisioning System (pdf)

Speaker Walter Hoehn University of Memphis

Speaker Franz Kurfess California Polytechnic State University-SLO

Secondary tracks BoF

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