Spring 2005 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Middleware Diagnostics Working Group

Time 05/02/05 01:00PM-02:30PM

Session Abstract

Since the beginning of the Internet2 effort, the number and complexity of distributed application initiatives has exploded, and each must create its own framework for providing diagnostic tools and performance metrics. These distributed applications have become increasingly dependent not only the system and network infrastructure that they are built upon, but also each other. It is therefore becoming extremely complex to diagnose problems and provide a way to provide diagnostic and performance information to the application development and enterprise operations efforts.

To address the difficulty of diagnosing these highly distributed applications, EDDY (End-to-end Diagnostic DiscoverY) has pioneered a new approach of bringing together the diagnostic information from multiple subsystems. EDDY collects these events, normalizes them into a common event record (CER) and disseminates them into a highly distributed diagnostic backplane where diagnosticians can perform both general and highly focused forensic analysis on a wide variety of faults and anomalies. The CER supports tagging events by five basic types: application, network, system, environmental, and security, as well as adding a derived event type to accommodate other injected events. The diagnostic backplane serves as a platform for developing next generation diagnostic applications for the Internet. This session will give a description of this new approach, its progress, deployments to date, and future feature directions.


Speaker Charles DiFatta Carnegie Mellon University

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