Spring 2005 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Lecture Objects BoF

Time 05/04/05 07:30AM-08:45AM

Session Abstract

In developing the new Internet2 Applications Strategy, the Applications Strategy Council (ASC) found the promulgation of a common framework for "lecture objects" to be a potentially valuable initiative within Internet2 since various forms of lectures are a standard methodology for intellectual interchange in academia -- within classes, as colloquia and at conferences. In addition to the value of sharing lectures among members, an initiative in this area could be an interesting test of many aspects of the Internet2 ecosystem including bandwidth availability, access control through middleware and distributed storage. A survey of Internet2 members was undertaken this spring to understand current practices by members of our community.

The survey results will be shared with ASC members and others at this Birds-of-a-Feather session for all interested parties to discuss what the appropriate next steps might be, if any, for a collaborative initiative in this area. Breakfast will be served.


Speaker David Lassner University of Hawaii

Speaker George Brett Internet2

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