Spring 2005 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid: The Barriers and Processes for Success

Time 05/03/05 03:00PM-04:00PM

Session Abstract

The cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid, or caBIG, is a voluntary network or grid connecting individuals and institutions to enable the sharing of data and tools, creating a World Wide Web of cancer research. The goal is to speed the delivery of innovative approaches for the prevention and treatment of cancer. The infrastructure and tools created by caBIG also have broad utility outside the cancer community. caBIG is being developed under the leadership of the National Cancer Institute's Center for Bioinformatics.

The challenges of bringing caBIG from concept to implementation will be addressed in this session.

Specific biomedical research tools that are being developed as part of caBIG activities include standards-based, components-based clinical trial management systems, tissue banks and pathology tools and a rich collection of integrative cancer research applications. Related data sets within these domain areas will also be accessible to researchers via the caBIG grid. To ensure consistency, standards and tools will be created to support common usage of vocabularies, data elements, and the formation of a unifying architecture for the caBIG community. caBIG will allow researchers to answer research questions more rapidly and efficiently, thereby promising to accelerate progress in all aspects of cancer research


Speaker Peter Covitz National Cancer Institute

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