Spring 2005 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Spring 2005 Internet2 Member Meeting

The Spring 2005 Internet2 Member Meeting was held from May 2-4 in Arlington, VA. Internet2 is pleased to announce that 742 individuals—from a wide range of communities and disciplines—participated in the Spring 2005 Internet2 Member Meeting, setting a new attendance record for spring member meetings. Thanks to dedicated effort on the part of the Spring 2005 Program Committee, Internet2 was able to host an outstanding meeting.

Some of the meeting highlights included:

  • A General Session presentation by the new Director of the National Science Foundation, Dr. Arden L. Bement, Jr.
  • A second General Session on the "National LambdaRail and Internet2: Technical and Organizational Progress" presented by Tracy Futhey, Duke University; Erv Blythe, Virginia Tech; and GregoryA. Jackson, University of Chicago
  • The Internet2 Land Speed Record award ceremony
  • The announcement of the IDEA Award, which will recognize and encourage innovative advanced network applications
  • 50 formal program presentations and panels in a variety of topic areas including: Advanced Applications and Technologies, Collaborations, Middleware, Network Planning and Engineering, Security for Advanced Networks, and Teaching and Learning
  • Over 80 BoFs, SIGs and Working Group meetings
  • Over 70 attendees participated in a meeting on Enhancing Research and Education Network Connectivity to and within Africa
  • A day and a half long hands on SIP.edu Workshop
  • An open meeting of the Network Planning and Policy Advisory Council (NPPAC)
  • The annual Internet2 Business Meeting


Spring 2005 Internet2 Member Meeting slide show thumbnail

Internet2 gratefully acknowledges all the individuals and member organizations who made contributions to the Spring 2005 Member Meeting. By presenting at a session; leading a Working Group, SIG, or BoF; providing equipment or expertise; or sponsoring a social event—Internet2 members play a significant role in contributing to a successful meeting. Internet2 especially thanks our Spring 2005 member meeting sponsors and those who contributed to the network infrastructure for this meeting.

Finally, Internet2 thanks Steve Wallace, Indiana University, for taking photos during our member meeting and contributing several images to our slide show.

NOTE WELL: All statements addressed to and related to the activities of Internet2 working groups, working group projects, and Internet2 area initiatives and projects are subject to the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework, which grants to Internet2 and its members certain licenses and rights in such statements. These statements include conversations, correspondence, and/or all documents, electronic or physical. Statements not addressed to or not related to the activities of Internet2 working groups, working group projects, or Internet2 area initiatives or projects, that are clearly not intended to be input to an Internet2 activity, group or project, are not subject to these provisions. Statements made to a group where written confidentiality agreements are in place are also not subject to these provisions.