Fall 2005 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Proactive Internet Ethics for Future of Advanced Network Research and Development, including Education

Time 09/22/05 07:30AM-08:45AM

Session Abstract

Industrial Age ethics lags behind the needs of Information Age advanced networking. The important question arises, therefore, about the need to revise the traditional Western European framework of modern ethics that had its origins in Enlightenment thought or to develop for our Information Society a new framework, especially addressing matters particularly relating to Internet ethics. When it comes to the creative innovations of advanced networks and Internet2 the traditional moral framework may do more to be an impediment than an enablement in addressing issues of security privacy, confidentiality, authentication and identity management, information generation, transparency, trusted networks, and trustworthy relationships emphasizing collaboration in a global world of high technology in contrast to the central role of autonomy in the Industrial Age ethics. Proactive Internet ethics must enable and come from within the framework of the Information Age and its global environment.


Speaker John Yost Bradley University

Speaker Jere Retzer Oregon Health Sciences University

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