Fall 2005 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Time 09/19/05 04:30PM-06:00PM

Session Abstract

Data intensive sciences such as High Energy Physics have a need to move large amounts of data between major collaboration sites worldwide. This in turn requires advanced high-speed networking capabilities which need to be monitored. In this talk, Les Cottrell (SLAC) will review and compare the most popular active end-to-end (E2E) Internet monitoring tools in use today, including those used for measurement of delays (ping, owamp), routes (traceroute), available bandwidth (pathchirp, pathload, ABwE) and achievable throughput (Iperf, thrulay). We will illustrate how the results from some of the tools may be visualized (including by MonALISA), and used for forecasting, detecting problems, and alerting for problems.

Cottrell will also identify challenges in scaling the current active E2E tools to the emerging high speed networks (> 1 Gbits/s, often using layer 2 or 1 paths) showing how and why they may fail. We will then look at the advantages and drawbacks of using passive measurements to reduce the need for active E2E bandwidth and throughput measurements, and look at whether the passive measurements may be used successfully for forecasting.

Jim Ferguson, NLANR/DAST, will provide an update on The Performance Advisor and give details on the features available with the latest release of the code.

Iosif Legrand, CERN, will give a remote presentation entitled


Speaker Les Cottrell Stanford Linear Accelerator

Speaker Jim Ferguson NCSA

Speaker Iosif Legrand California Institute of Technology

Speaker Rich Carlson Department of Energy

Presentation Media

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Speaker Iosif Legrand California Institute of Technology

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Speaker Les Cottrell Stanford Linear Accelerator

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