Fall 2005 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Descent to the Underworld: A Networked Game-Film Collaboration

Time 09/21/05 08:45AM-10:00AM

Session Abstract

Project Sponsor: Drexel University

Producer: Nora Barry, Druid Media, Inc.

Descent to the Underworld: A Game-Film is a collaborative project that networked sixty-five students from universities in five states and three countries via the Internet2 networks to form an online classroom and multipoint production studio. The project used new technologies and high speed networks to bring together students from multiple, diverse cultures and countries.

The universities worked together in four teams to create media files for a Game-Film, a videogame wherein the game play results in a short film.

The online team collaborations began in mid-February and finished at the end of April. The teams met using Access Grid, a large display, multi-user video collaboration software that enables real-time video and uncompressed audio. The Access Grid was powered by Apple Computer Xserve and networked using the Internet2 high speed nets, including Abilene in the U.S., CERNET in China, CERN in Europe and ANSP in Brazil.

This track session will focus on the project as a case study about networked collaborations and will include video of the recorded, online, class sessions. Presenters will discuss the technology that supported the project, as well as the creation of the 12 week collaboration.


Speaker Nora Barry Druid Media, Inc.

Speaker Greg Palmer MAGPI GigaPoP, University of Pennsylvania

Speaker Scott Morris Apple Computer

Secondary tracks Advanced Applications and Technologies Teaching and Learning/K20

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