Fall 2005 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Securely Trusted Networks and Collaboratively/Federated Trustworthy Relationships: Major Achievements in Ongoing Challenge to Build Trust

Time 09/22/05 08:45AM-10:00AM

Session Abstract

The main purpose of this session has to do with a brief analysis of major advances in developing secure networks by PKI, NMI and MACE access management, federated identity management, federated web services security, Shibboleth and LionShare collaborativey networking technologies, wireless architecture, and future network security. Secure networking infrastructure, including of course the substantial contributions of the telecommunication industry, the developing health care networks and business bioscience will receive particular consideration in regard to trustworthy human relationships for the common good. The relationships of trusted networks and social capital or infrastructure operation and human behavior will be a particular focus both in matters considered more routine and in processes of innovation. The overall context therefore will focus upon aforementioned programs of network security, including some global perspectives secure networks enhancing trust and the continuing need to build greater network trust by citing a few case studies of best practices in trustworthy relationships. This session will have TBD representatives from NMI, PKI, a Federated Project, telecommunications industry, and health care for panel to analyze and summarize their major achievements in securely trusted networks as well as to respond to my introductory presentation.


Speaker John Yost Bradley University

Speaker Rodger M. Will Ford Motor Company

Secondary tracks Security for Advanced Networks and Applications

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