Fall 2005 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Multi-Site Synchronous Learning Events Over Internet2: Strategies for Managing Complexity

Time 09/21/05 01:15PM-02:30PM

Session Abstract

Multi-site synchronous teaching/learning experiences are difficult to implement. The problems include difficulty in vocabulary and communication across multiple disciplines, in negotiating priorities among technical, teaching and logistics teams, and in integrating diverse IT infrastructure across different institutions. Dynamically changing variables in each event require considerable planning and rehearsal, as well as problem solving on the fly.

In a project funded by the National Library of Medicine, we have developed two testbeds for distributed learning over broadband networks: Clinical Anatomy, using large rich anatomy image collections; and Surgical Skills, using live surgical video, anatomy images and haptically enabled simulators. In this session, we will present some successful testbed events and deconstruct the components to show the interdependencies that must be managed.

We will present two types of events - an ongoing collaboration between two institutions for teaching anatomy, and multi-site events to demonstrate innovative technologies for teaching and learning. Presenters will include the people supporting the necessary diverse capabilities including infrastructure, network, development, audio-visual, teaching and learning, evaluation, and project management. We will include real video clips illustrating typical problems during the events, and will discuss consequences and solutions from multiple points of view. Audience participation and examples will be encouraged.


Speaker Parvati Dev Innovation in Learning, Inc.

Speaker Steve Senger University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Speaker Ted Hanss University of Michigan and Chair of the Internet2 IDEA

Speaker Patricia Youngblood Stanford University

Speaker Sakti Srivastava Stanford University

Speaker Ameed Raoof University of Michigan

Speaker Margaret Krebs Stanford University

Secondary tracks Advanced Applications and Technologies Teaching and Learning/K20

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