Fall 2005 Internet2 Member Meeting

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High-End Video Transmission over IP

Time 09/21/05 10:30AM-11:45AM

Session Abstract

Current high-speed networks are ideal medium for high-speed and high-bandwidth transmissions, their low latency supporting even real-time distribution of multimedia-rich content. This session is focused on capturing, distributing and displaying high quality video in various formats, ranging from standard-definition video in Digital Video (DV) up to uncompressed high-definition (HD) video under Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD operating systems.

Regarding DV over IP, we will discuss our work based on the DVTS project and is fully compatible with the DVTS tools. We have enhanced the xdvshow tool so that it provides an usable solution especially for stereoscopic video streaming and displaying using the DV video. Finally we will discuss performance and network utilization measures for both single DV video stream and two stereoscopic video streams receiving and displaying.

Several approaches to uncompressed HD over IP will be discussed with hardware and software equipment necessary for such transmission. Multiparty conferencing based on low-latency uncompressed HD over IP being under preparation for iGrid2005 event will described. We will also give an overview of possible technologies for low to medium latency transmission of compressed HD over IP.

All the technologies will be evaluated in terms of their advantages, disadvantages and possible pitfalls during their implementation and deployment.


Speaker Milos Liska CESNET/Masaryk University

Speaker Bob Riddle University of Michigan

Speaker Petr Holub CESNET/UltraGrid

Speaker Michael Wellings ResearchChannel

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Stereoscopic video using DV format (pdf)

Speaker Milos Liska CESNET/Masaryk University

Secondary tracks Advanced Applications and Technologies

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