Fall 2005 Internet2 Member Meeting

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What's Next for the Net? - Grid Computing

Time 09/21/05 08:45AM-10:00AM

Session Abstract

Grid Computing and the Net

Grids have proven to be a powerful technology for certain classes of high-performance computing problems. Yet, according to its proponents, the Grid has the potential to become a platform for general-purpose computing as well--providing computing cycles, software, and access to databases to users, whether they are in a one-person office or the largest corporation. What is needed for the vision of the Global Grid to become a reality? What standards and software need to be developed? Will our networks be able to provide the high-speed access that Grid users will need and demand? Will networks be reliable and secure enough for users to entrust their sensitive or proprietary data to the Grid? What are the economic benefits of moving to the Grid?


Speaker Force 10 Representative   Force 10 Networks

Speaker Andrew Grimshaw University of Virginia

Speaker Michael R. Nelson Bloomberg Government

Speaker Robert Cohen Economic Strategy Institute

Speaker Matthew Haynos IBM

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Secondary tracks Corporate Perspectives on Technical Choices Advanced Applications and Technologies

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