Fall 2005 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Securing the Infrastructure

Time 09/21/05 04:30PM-05:30PM

Session Abstract

Network security most commonly focuses on vulnerabilities of the attached hosts, but the infrastructure itself is not immune. A variety of research and activities are currently underway with the goal of creating a more secure infrastructure. The session will highlight different technical solutions and the way in which they address specific problems. Adoption and deployment issues will be addressed in terms of gaps in awareness and education. Finally, input will be requested to help create a plan to implement these ideas and begin test deployments in the community. The session will focus on DNS-SEC and securing BGP with input from researchers, corporate members and Abilene's NOC.


Speaker Allison Mankin Shinkuro

Speaker Steven Wallace Indiana University

Speaker Amy Friedlander Shinkuro

Speaker Amy Friedlander Shinkuro

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks Security for Advanced Networks and Applications

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