Spring 2004 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Federated/Directory Enabled Open Source Mailing List and Collaboration Software BoF

Time 04/19/04 03:00PM-04:30PM

Session Abstract

This BoF is a kickoff session for a new Internet2 initiative focusing on developing federated and directory enabled mailing list software.

Mailing list software is an "old-reliable" that would benefit from integration with (a) directory information such as groups and (b)federated authentication/authorization, resulting in systems that enable a user to easily read and review all their mailing lists via web interface without appearing to require any special authentication. Shibboleth/SAML is an obvious candidate solution for this problem.

This initiative is looking for members who are actively working on integration with the enterprise/federation using non-proprietary technology; experiences will be shared regarding application designs best supporting integration with federated AuthN/Z tools. Working group members will test-drive pilot/prototype open-source solutions whose development will be in part supported by an NSF grant to the University of Alabama at Birmingham "NMI-Enabled Open Source Collaboration Tools for Virtual Organizations". Cooperation and collaboration with other working groups and other bodies is critical to the success of this working group.

Initiative Outcomes/Deliverables are expected to include
1.At least one open-source list software prototype using federated authN/Z.
2.Survey results, identifying best features, absent features, and desired improvements from users of mailing list software, along with a mapping of this feature set to existing mailing list software.
3.Documentation describing methods for modifying open source list software for use in federated environments.
The BoF session will also consider how to address a parallel effort focused on WebDav-based systems.

The meeting will conclude with a brief 'hack-a-thon' to examine internal authentication/authorization implementations in one or two mailing list software packages.


Speaker Jill Gemmill Clemson University

Speaker John-Paul Robinson University of Alabama at Birmingham

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