Spring 2004 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Health Sciences Task Force

Time 04/19/04 09:00AM-10:30AM

Session Abstract

Thoughtful insights on Internet2 2004 priority areas provided by Bob Kahn of the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (http://www.cnri.reston.va.us/bios/kahn.html). Dr. Kahn brings expertise from both engineering and medical community contexts. The input from this discussion will be used by the Health Science Advisory Group to provide Internet2 Senior Management advice on technical priority areas within the context of the medical discipline. The Health Science Advisory Group invites open participation from the Internet2 community on strategic thinking about the Internet2 2004 priority areas:

- Engage with Cyber infrastructure initiatives (government leadership on Cyber infrastructure; NSF Adkin's Report)

- Establish security initiatives which enable Internet2 applications and leverage Internet2 capabilities

- Ensure availability of production infrastructure and the migration of activities or initiatives from development to production for the Internet2 community

- Enhance Internet2's role as a leader in advanced networking


Speaker Bob Kahn Corporation for National Research Initiatives

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