Spring 2004 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Medical Simulators and Internet2: Distributed Medical Education

Time 04/21/04 08:45AM-10:00AM

Session Abstract

Internet2 continues to open the way for innovative methods of
classroom instruction. The Center for Excellence in Remote and
Medically Underserved Areas (CERMUSA) at Saint Francis University
has been working with the Uniformed Services of the Health
Sciences (USUHS) and the MAGPI GigaPoP to develop advanced methods of medical education using Internet2. These three organizations have completed 2 years of work combining medical simulation models, Internet2 and Physician Assistant students in collaborative education. This presentation traces the crude beginnings of the experiment to the most recently completed test in March 2004. The presentation demonstrates the use of the medical simulation model, the Patient Simulation Lab at USUHS, the types of equipment used in the demonstration and the methods of transmission used by Internet2. One particular focus of discussion is the security issues that the group confronted during transmission. Colleagues at the National Library of Medicine along with the technical staff at CERMUSA have been helpful in solving many of these security issues. This presentation is an excellent primer for those contemplating similar use of Internet2. It is also a case study for others faced with the unique security challenges of advanced health sciences applications.


Speaker Jennifer Oxenford MAGPI/University of Pennsylvania

Speaker Robert Griffin CERMUSA

Speaker Greg Palmer MAGPI GigaPoP, University of Pennsylvania

Speaker Kent Tonkin CERMUSA

Speaker Mike Shanafelt CERMUSA

Speaker Jim Bates St. Francis University

Speaker Richard Kyle, Jr. USUHS

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Medical Simulators (ppt)

Speaker Owen DeLong Hurricane Electric

Speaker Jennifer Oxenford MAGPI/University of Pennsylvania

Secondary tracks Advanced Applications