Spring 2004 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Taking Advantage of International Connectivity: Global Collaborations

Time 04/20/04 01:15PM-02:30PM

Session Abstract

This session will highlight exemplary collaborations between Internet2 members and international partners that are taking advantage of international connectivity to support research and education. In the format of 2 to 3 case studies, the primary goals of this session include highlighting the value of
international connectivity and international partnerships to the Internet2 community and highlighting what members of the Internet2 community are doing with International partners, while providing a forum to share projects and lessons learned.

Case Study 1: The VNELab (Virtual Networking Lab) at Texas A&M. W. Magnussen and W. Marti

Case Study 2: Case Western and International Collaborations in the Arts and Humanities. T. Knab and L. Steinbach.

Case Study 3: PRAGMA (Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly): Overview and Update. P. Arzberger


Speaker Ana Hunsinger Internet2

Speaker Peter Arzberger BIRN, University of California-San Diego

Speaker Walt Magnussen Texas A&M University

Speaker Thomas Knab Case Western Reserve University

Speaker Willis Marti Texas A&M University

Speaker Leonard Steinbach Cleveland Museum of Art

Speaker Leonard Steinbach Cleveland Museum of Art

Secondary tracks Relationships and Partnerships International