Spring 2004 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Ultralight: An Ultrascale Information System for Data-Intensive Research

Time 04/20/04 03:00PM-04:00PM

Session Abstract

We propose UltraLight (ultralight.caltech.edu), first of a new class of integrated information systems that will support the decades-long research program at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and other next generation sciences. UltraLight's hybrid packet- and circuit- switched network infrastructure, ultrascale protocols and dynamic building of optical paths will provide efficient fair-sharing on long range wavelength-based 10 Gbps networks. To overcome the limitations of current systems which treat the network as a static and largely unmanaged resource, UltraLight will monitor and optimize end-to-end network use in real-time with intelligent global services that leverage Grid middleware, network-aware applications, and heuristic optimization algorithms to form an integrated system. This will enable LHC physicists to face the challenges of globally distributed Petabyte to Exabyte datasets analyzed by scientific communities of thousands, and radio astronomers to achieve (near-)real-time correlations of very long baseline interferometric (e-VLBI) measurements.


Speaker Harvey Newman California Institute of Technology

Speaker Others, TBD None

Speaker Shawn McKee University of Michigan

Speaker Scott Morris Apple Computer

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail The Ultralight Program (ppt)

Speaker Owen DeLong Hurricane Electric

Speaker Shawn McKee University of Michigan

Secondary tracks Advanced Applications