Spring 2004 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Eyes on the Future: Videoconferencing, Collaboration, and the Internet2 Commons

Time 04/20/04 01:15PM-02:30PM

Session Abstract

Videoconferencing can be defined as technology where multiple remote participants use audio, and video to see each other using some kind of a telecommunication network. Advancements within the domain of digitization, availability of bandwidth and introduction of sophisticated packet switching technology can be described as pivotal technology forces that have given birth to the utilization of videoconferencing for a variety of purposes in modern day living. The true value proposition and potential of Videoconferencing is yet to be fully understood as only limited research pertaining to this topic exists today, particularly from the end users perspective.This research is based on the proposition that the proclivity to adopt videoconferencing is a function of key variables such as the ability of the technology to support the overall business requirements of an organization and to what extent videoconferencing is perceived as being easy to use from the end users stand point. Our results based on a sample of one hundred and eight respondents from different industries suggest that the technology drivers and the


Speaker Samir Chatterjee Claremont Graduate University

Speaker Jonathan Tyman Internet2

Speaker Bob Dixon The Ohio State University and OARnet

Speaker John Krienke Internet2

Presentation Media

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Speaker Owen DeLong Hurricane Electric

Speaker Bob Dixon The Ohio State University and OARnet

Secondary tracks Advanced Applications