Fall 2004 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Next Generation Grid-enabled Collaborative Systems BoF

Time 09/27/04 07:30PM-08:30PM

Session Abstract

During this session we will describe and demonstrate the MonALISA (MONitoring Agents using A Large Integrated Services Architecture) and VRVS (Virtual Room Videoconferencing System) systems, and their integration. The melding of these two systems creates a distributed intelligent system that provides an efficient collaborative service to a very large dispersed community of users. This real-time system operates over an ensemble of national and international networks (in more than 100 countries).
VRVS is global in scope: it covers the full range of existing and emerging protocols and the full range of client devices for collaboration, from desktops to installations in large auditoria. VRVS that have interconnected users since 1997 and that hold around 3000 hours of meeting per month provides now a mobile collaboration access (for Pocket PC) to its users. This new feature will be demonstrated during the session.
The specialized mobile agents in the MonALISA framework optimize data replication strategies for data processing in GRID systems as well as to help and improve the operation of the VRVS. The agents are deployed to all the active MonALISA services and perform supervision tasks for distributed applications.
Thus, the auto-adaptive system can detect and face all network problems encountered (congestion, line cut, etc


Speaker Gregory Denis California Institute of Technology

Secondary tracks BoF

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