Fall 2004 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Geospatial Working Group

Time 09/30/04 07:30AM-08:45AM

Session Abstract

The Internet2:Geospatial (I2:GS) working group was created to represent geospatial interests within the high-performance networking community. The goals as stated in the I2:GS Charter are:

The Internet 2-Geospatial Working Group (I2-GS) will identify critical issues and formulate best practice techniques and recommendations for dealing with issues associated with the use of advanced networking technology to enable rapid and ubiquitous access to geospatial data.

I2-GS will provide consulting services and material support for incorporating Geospatial technologies, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) into the administrative and functional operations of the Internet 2 community's experimental networks.

By involving a broad spectrum of academic disciplines, I2-GS will promote increased involvement in Internet 2 activities.

Since the formation of I2:GS significant changes have taken place both in the geospatial community, and in I2. The purpose of this meeting will be to reevaluate the I2:GS charter to determine future directions and priorities. Breakfast will be served.


Speaker Paul R. Blackwell Stephen F Austin State University

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