Fall 2004 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Technical and Policy Solutions for an Inter-Institutional Grid

Time 09/28/04 01:15PM-02:30PM

Session Abstract

In the final year of its 3-year NSF Cooperative Agreement, the NMI Integration Testbed Program (http://www.nsf-middleware.org/testbed/) is integrating components of the GRIDS Center, the NMI-EDIT consortium and the Open Grid Computing Environment (OGCE) in deploying an inter-institutional NMI Testbed GRID to achieve the following broad objectives:
- Provide a mechanism for Testbed sites to explore grid capability with researchers and faculty.
- Identify, address, and resolve unaddressed cross-campus authentication for inter-institutional grids.
- Expand evaluation and real life usage of NMI components related to campus enterprise infrastructure.
- Provide NMI Sites with a foundation from which to propose and secure funding for additional development.
The project team is exploring technical and policy issues beyond campus or application specific grids. How can collaboration be conducted across institutional boundaries? Solutions include sharing local credentials (Kerberos or enterprise CA) via a NMI Testbed Grid BridgeCA to access grid based resources at participating institutions. A NMI Testbed Grid portal based on OGCE provides for viewing resources, submitting and monitoring jobs, and retrieving results. Interoperation of various resources raises not only technical challenges, but also highlights policy issues that must be addressed. This session provides insights into effective deployment of inter-institutional grid middleware infrastructure. Note: Be sure to experience NMI Testbed Grid features and functionality in the application demonstration area at this meeting.


Speaker Mary Fran Yafchak SURA

Speaker Art Vandenberg Georgia State University

Speaker Jim Jokl University of Virginia

Secondary tracks Middleware

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