Fall 2004 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Augmented Reality and Internet2 for Advanced Collaborative Environments

Time 09/29/04 04:30PM-05:30PM

Session Abstract

Advances in computer networks and rendering systems facilitate the creation of distributed collaborative environments in which information dissemination at remote locations allows efficient communication. Particularly challenging are distributed interactive Augmented Reality (AR) environments that allow knowledge sharing through 3D information. AR environments allow the development of promising tools in several application domains. The learning potential of AR is significantly amplified by sharing 3D models with remotely located users such as experts and students. Such capability will bring enhanced effectiveness allowing remote participants to view and understand complex procedures without the associated costs and risks of traveling. One of the challenges in such environments is maintaining a consistent view of the dynamic shared state in the presence of inevitable network latency and jitter. A consistent view of the shared scene will significantly increase the sense of presence among participants and facilitate their interactivity. The session focus is the investigation of novel collaborative AR environments and identification of
Internet2 paradigms that will support such advanced collaborative environments.


Speaker Felix Hamza-Lup University of Central Florida

Speaker Emely Jimenez University of Central Florida

Secondary tracks Advanced Applications: Technical Implications

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