Fall 2004 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Corporate Perspectives Forum Presentations

Corporate Perspectives Forum Presentations

For the Fall 2004 Internet2 Member Meeting, attendees had the unique experience of hearing firsthand the technological innovations developed in the private sector. Ten different companies presented their various technologies, not simply as pitches but as an interactive showcase of new possibilities. The featured companies are listed below.

Tuesday, September 28

RADVISION 11:45a-1:30p NOTE: NEW TIME! 12:30p-1:15p

Radvision User Group

The Radvision Users Group is a new organization that will serve as a forum and information clearinghouse for administrators of Radvision videoconferencing equipment.  The Group has the full cooperation of the Radvision Corporation, and will communicate with the company directly.  Our first full meeting will be at the Internet2 Fall Member Meeting in Austin, Texas on Tuesday, September 28th, and will include a discussion with Radvision Corporation officers.  If you are an administrator of Radvision equipment working in higher education and are interested in attending our session at the Internet2 meeting, or would just like more information, please RSVP to Justin Bondi

Presenter: TBD



When It's NOT Your Network--But It IS Your Fault

Networks define application performance.  A badly performing network can reduce any application to complete ineffectiveness.  And although it may not be the software vendor's (or service provider's) problem, customers will call when things aren't working properly.  They can't tell when it's the network and when it's really the vendor's fault.  And neither can the vendor.   This conundrum defines one of the the greatest needs in customer support today where a huge amount of money is constantly being poured into a flawed human process with limited skill and information.  Providing critical on-demand visibility into remote networks that you don't own is one of the advantages offered by Apparent Networks. 

AppareNet(c) is distributed network performance and diagnostics software that employs non-intrusive active probing, coupled with a sophisticated expert diagnostic system, to provide real-time, end-to-end views of arbitrary network paths without ad-hoc knowledge or ownership of the devices.  For more information, visit www.ApparentNetworks.Com

Presenter: Loki Jorgenson, Chief Scientist



New Advances in High-Speed Networking

Across the globe, the race for high-speed is on ... from broadband deployments in the access to powerful backbone networks that link research and education organizations together. The area of high-speed networking has seen remarkable developments in the last two years, affecting the cost and functionality of these networks. This presentation summarizes the major trends affecting optical networks, with particular attention paid to use of next-generation WDM.

Presenter: Denis Gallant



Geographic Storage Clustering and Data Locality Management

This talk focuses on demonstrations of efficient data sharing on heterogeneous storage systems spanning large distance.  We describe the results of two field demonstrations of a scalable file system address space with heterogeneous storage and servers. Both servers and storage span very large geographic regions. We also describe results of emulated WAN tests of geographically distributed Oracle 9i RAC clusters. Further, we describe performance results for automated data migration across thousands of kilometers triggered by a geographically-aware HSM system. We describe various strategies used to reduce the penalties of transport latency including: geographic caching, data migration, and parallelized data transfer.

Presenter: Geoff Hayward, Director of Advanced Technology



Implementing "MPEG Video over IP" Distribution Systems

Presenter will describe how universities, colleges, and K-12 schools can implement IP-based video distribution networks for delivering live and stored content to PCs, Macs, and TVs.  The presentation will include information on products, standards, and network design, and will conclude with real-world case studies.

Presenter: Rich Mavrogeanes, Founder & CTO

Wednesday, September 29



Optical Network Design, Simulation, and User-Level Management of Lightwaves

This forum will briefly introduce regional, metro, and edge optical network design concepts, automated testing and simulation, and finally optical layer management and user control of wavelengths. The demand for optical networks within the Research and Education Community is rapidly increasing, however, the funding of these networks may be static. Combining the advantages of automated design, testing and simulation tools with the advanced capabilities of today's optical management software maximizes the technology / dollar ratio, resulting in an extremely dynamic, flexible, and cost-effective procedure for optical network deployment. Furthermore, the increased interest from the scientific community to dynamically control wavelengths will be addressed and demonstrated. After the brief concept introduction, the forum will actually demonstrate optical design software and testing of a typical metro/edge optical network. Protection schemes, protocols, and design troubleshooting will also be discussed. Finally, the session will conclude with optical network management. Optical Management Software will display multiple R&E networks in real-time, and real-time management and user level control of the optical domain will be demonstrated on an off-site optical network.

Presenter: Jeff Varrant, Sr. Systems Engineer



Perspective on the Most Recent Collaboration Technology Trends

Presenter will discuss Polycom's perspective on the most recent technology trends occurring in the marketplace relating to collaboration; specifically, recent standards that are major contributors to the best in voice, video and data collaboration, as well as a brief on the power and promise of SIP in collaboration.  Additionally, attendees will learn about a new Polycom product, never before seen in public.

Presenter: Tim O'Neil, Director of Technical Marketing



Hold Onto Your Hats: The Audio, Video & Web Conferencing Markets Are Crashing Together. What Does It Mean For You?

The promise of rich media conferencing is clear: Allow users to start with one form of communication and then add, or switch to, another form of communication easily and seamlessly. This allows users to make dynamic decisions about added value rather than have to plan every possibility ahead of time. The question is: Can this vision be achieved? The presentation provides the answers, showing participants the combinations that are available today as well as showing how universities can take advantage of the future of rich media communications convergence. We will highlight streaming video, video telephony, collaboration, text messaging and advanced video-enabled applications. It will feature a discussion on video-enabled communications whereby the visual component is embedded as an intuitive value-add to other forms of communication.

Presenter: Zandy Wyckoff, VP of Sales

Thursday, September 30

TANDBERG 8:45a-9:35a

Fueling the Growth of Visual Communications

The use of visual communications continues to expand within the education community. Thousands of videoconferencing endpoints, coupled with high performance networks, have made distance education a standard offering in universities, colleges and schools. To continue this growth momentum, three required solutions must be addressed: (1) scalable infrastructure; (2) effective administration; and (3) enhanced user experience. A TANDBERG representative will review three new solutions designed to address these needs: Media Processing System (MPS), TANDBERG Management Suite 9, and E4/B9 Endpoint Software.

Presenter: Snorre Kjesbu, VP of Technical Innovation



The Sun and Internet2 Software Agreement

This presentation is an overview of the new Sun and Internet2 Software Agreement. The topics covered in this presentation will include the details of the software offering, an overview on the Networks of Expertise and a technical presentation of the Sun products covered in the agreement.

Presenter: Jeff Weiss, Strategic Project Manager, U.S. Education Sales