Fall 2003 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Internet2 Health Sciences Security SIG

Time 10/16/03 11:45AM-01:00PM

Session Abstract

The scope of the Internet2 Health Sciences Security Special Interest Group (SIG) is to promote policies, practices, and projects that overcome security and privacy-related barriers to the adoption of emerging Internet technologies in the health sciences. This open meeting of the newly formed Health Sciences Security SIG will discuss (1) what are some of the key security and privacy barriers that need to be overcome and (2) how can we best engage academia, health care providers and industry to overcome these barriers.

Background: The health sciences are among the most knowledge-intensive fields today, but are surprisingly unautomated causing some to call health care the "trillion dollar cottage industry." This situation significantly degrades care and scientific research. A 1999 Institute of Medicine report estimated between 44,000 and 98,000 Americans die annually due to medical errors. Thousands of these could easily be prevented with tools like computerized physician order entry. There is now a groundswell of interest in computer systems and the Internet to improve health care and advance the health sciences, but this is ironically occurring concurrently with increased concerns over privacy and security. Health offers severe security and privacy challenges: extremely sensitive and critical information, complex multi-entity relationships, real-time collaboration, device access and mobility among others that need to be overcome so that health care can make the best use of emerging technologies.


Speaker Jere Retzer Oregon Health Sciences University

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Speaker Owen DeLong Hurricane Electric

Speaker Jere Retzer Oregon Health Sciences University

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