Fall 2003 Internet2 Member Meeting

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BoF: Best Practices for Streaming Media in Higher Education BoF (Lunch served)

Time 10/15/03 11:45AM-01:00PM

Session Abstract

The purpose of this BoF is to discuss the ongoing development of the ViDe Streaming Cookbook. Inspired by the success of its Videoconferencing Cookbook, The ViDe Guide to Streaming Media seeks to establish guidelines and best practices for the creation, management and delivery of digital media. The Guide provides a high-level overview of the critical issues associated with each aspect, criteria for evaluating commonly used formats, platforms and products, and case studies demonstrating their application. Specific topics include rights management, intellectual property issues, and the interpretation of fair use; metadata; accessibility to media for people with disabilities; CDNs, edge servers and proxies; multicasting; the application of distributed computing for encoding and delivering video; and emerging standards and technologies, such as MPEG4, MotionJPEG, and HDTV-over-IP. The Guide has been customized to address the specific interests of instructional technologists, digital librarians, distance education providers, IT specialists and content creators. Tutorials and reference tools are also included.