Fall 2003 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Middleware: Authorization and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Time 10/15/03 03:00PM-04:00PM

Session Abstract

A major part of the upcoming work in the NSF Middleware Initiative is oriented toward helping campuses develop authorization infrastructures to support both local legacy applications and new inter-institutional collaborative tools. Those authorization infrastructures will leverage current work in directories, groups, and registries to reflect both individual roles and enterprise rules and drive attributes into applications large (e.g., campus financial systems) and small (calendaring, LMS systems, etc.) Leaders in both campus and national efforts will discuss plans and invite participants.


Speaker Keith Hazelton University of Wisconsin-Madison

Speaker RL Bob Morgan University of Washington

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Authorization: Just When You Thought Middleware Wasn't Fun Anymore (ppt)

Speaker Owen DeLong Hurricane Electric

Speaker Keith Hazelton University of Wisconsin-Madison

Secondary tracks Middleware