Fall 2003 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Advanced Applications - Medical: Next-Generation Health Care Applications

Time 10/15/03 04:30PM-05:30PM

Session Abstract

The Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC) is an operational regional electronic medical record developed at the Regenstrief Institute, Inc., and Indiana University. We are transitioning the INPC from dedicated T1 lines to the Internet secured with IPsec. We have developed an Internet-based videoconferencing application that uses IPsec and diffserv QoS arrangements enabling on-call physicians to respond to evening calls from their homes and access batch video applications and web-based electronic medical records using commodity Internet resources. We are studying the effect of this videoconferencing application in the clinical environment. We will also present our extensive experience in nomadic computing in the clinical environment. Further, we will describe our participation in the Healthcare Collaborative Network (HCN), a prototype implementation for the National Health Information Infrastructure. The HCN allows data sources to securely send information to recipients such as healthcare providers, federal agencies and regulatory bodies. Finally, we will describe our collaboration with the Real-time Outbreak and Disease Surveillance (RODS) Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh, who have developed software that can be used by health departments or urban regions to monitor real-time de-identified emergency department data for trends that suggest disease outbreaks.


Speaker Shaun Grannis Regenstrief Institute, Inc.

Speaker J. Marc Overhage Regenstrief Institute, Inc.

Speaker Gunther Schadow Regenstrief Institute, Inc.

Speaker Michael Weiner Regenstrief Institute, Inc.

Secondary tracks Advanced Applications - Medical