Fall 2003 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Advanced Applications: Application Case Studies in Logistical Networking

Time 10/15/03 03:00PM-04:00PM

Session Abstract

Logistical Networking is a revolutionary way of synthesizing networking and storage to create a communication infrastructure with data persistence for advanced network applications of all types. Logistical Networking technology, which is based on the Internet Backplane Protocol (IBP), has been under development in the research community for several years, and now the software tools to use it are widely available. A growing testbed of IBP storage “depots,” with a current capacity of +15TB, has been deployed on Abilene and other research networks, and encompasses more than 200 public nodes in 28 U.S. states and 19 countries. The range of advanced applications for the Internet2 community that are already building on this platform include the following:
o Movement of massive data sets for distributed collaboration
o Internet-enabled personal video recorder
o Management of data state in Grid applications
o Multimedia content delivery
o Reliable multicast
After a brief discussion of the basic ideas and software components that make up this technology, and a live demonstration, we will examine in detail how people in the Internet2 community are using Logistical Networking today for various applications in research and education. We will conclude with discussion of how anyone in Internet2 can participate and look at future directions.


Speaker Micah Beck University of Tennessee

Speaker Terry Moore University of Tennessee

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Application Case Studies of Logistical Networking (pdf)

Speaker Micah Beck University of Tennessee

Speaker Owen DeLong Hurricane Electric

Speaker Terry Moore University of Tennessee

Secondary tracks Advanced Applications